Hi! I'm Isa Bellart,

an abstract painter based in Berlin, Germany. I loved and created paintings as long as I can remember, but only during my Interior Design study I fully realized my strong passion for colors and composition. It is fascinating to me how a single painting can transform a whole room and influence the mood in it. Art is the cherry on the cake of interior design and essential to add character to the space.

My compositions are dreamy, playful and inviting. I work primarly with acrylic on large canvases and compose predominantly soft, neutral tones with contrasting details and vibrantly colored highlights. Did you know that looking at bright colors like orange and pink releases dopamine?

I'm mainly inspired by trips to nature, minimalist design and long journeys in my camper van. I seek out adventure and peacefulness and follow my inspiration into creations to emotional connect with the viewers. While creating I focus not only on the painting itself but also on its effect on the room. I make paintings that support a serene and inspiring atmoshere - paintings I would wish for my own walls.